Track Welder

Company Name:
Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
Under the direction of the Supervisor Machine/Weld Shop, perform track welding functions for repair and maintenance of tracks at TTCI. Will perform Thermite Welding, Flash Butt Welding and Rail End/Frog build up on all TTCI trackage.
This position must be proficient and trained to provide professional qualifications per AAR/TTCI Welding and Cutting Special Instruction in the following areas:
Use of SMAW process for maintenance and repair of track
Provide oxy-acetylene welding support as required.
Independently set up and use all weld shop equipment.
Perform layout set-up and operation of general-purpose grinders, rail saws and profile grinders
Use of all basic track tools such as spike mauls, sledge hammers, hydraulic jacks, and impact wrenches.
Three (3) years of experience in welding track. Current ANSI/AWS DI5.2 track welding certification in FCAW. Must have the ability work from written and verbal instruction. Must be able to independently setup and use all track welding equipment. Must be able to fill out and record all track welding reports and log books. Must be able to work on uneven surfaces, frequently climb on and off equipment, and work in adverse weather conditions. Will work in environment with loud noise and fumes. Must be able to lift and carry up to 60 lbs. Requires valid driver's license.
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_Preferred Qualifications:_
Five (5) years of experience and must be proficient in the track welding and fabrication work. Current ANSI/AWS D15.2 track welding certifications in S.M.A.W. or F.C.A.W as well as AREMA 4-2.2 Flash Butt welding. Experience operating heavy equipment. Must be able to independently use all welding equipment and have the ability to perform all welding responsible in a high level of quality with minimal instruction.
Date: 2014-06-05
Country: US
State: CO
City: Pueblo
Postal Code: 81001

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